Use of Bioresources in the Metals Industry

Jernkontoret and Metallinjalostajat invite to a two-day seminar on the use of bioresources in the metals industry. The seminar will take place in Stockholm.

Date and time

28-29 September 2022


  • At Jernkontoret in Stockholm, Sweden.


Jernkontoret and Metallinjalostajat are happy to present a two-day seminar on the use of bioresources in the metals industry, 28–29 September 2022, starting at lunchtime 28 September.

The seminar aims at showing the status of the use of non-fossil carbon, i.e., processed forest residues as well as other forms of biomass, in metal producing plants in Finland and Sweden. Ongoing research programs and projects in the Nordic countries will be reviewed as well as the global development regarding use of fossil-free carbon for production of metals.

The seminar will take place in Stockholm, and it is planned to be a physical event. It will, however, also be possible to partake via digital platforms. Please note that the seminar incl. meals are free of charge.

At a workshop during day 2 of the seminar, further work in the field will be discussed and ideas for a joint Swedish-Finnish research project will be considered.

The seminar will cover issues regarding:

  • Targets regarding minimizing the use of fossil carbon in the metals industry.
  • Availability of bioresources in the Nordic countries
  • International views on the use of biocarbon and forest residues for steel making
  • Actions taken in other forest rich countries
  • Processing of forest residues into raw materials
  • Practical use of biocarbon in metals processing


Click here for detailed program (pdf, 2 pages) 

Personal invitations to the seminar have been sent out. Should you wish to participate, please contact Robert Vikman.

A link to the meeting will be sent by e-mail to those who have signed up for participating digitally.

Very welcome in Stockholm!


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