Successful premiere for doctoral student network

At the end of February 2022, the Steel Academy’s doctoral student network had its inaugural activity in the form of a live educational event (webinar). An instructive talk on research communication and not least the many enthusiastic participants helped to make this the meaningful sharing of experiences that is the whole aim of the network.

Within the Steel Academy, coordinated by Jernkontoret, there is a newly started doctoral student network, the object of which is to enhance contact, both between the doctoral students themselves but also between the doctoral students and the iron and steel industry. The idea is that this collaborative network shall promote the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of experiences.

On 25th February the very first network meeting was held. The centre point of the meeting was the lecture, by Linda Söderlindh of Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, on the subject "Communicating your research beyond the academy” 

Examples were shown of how doctoral students can work to strengthen their communication skills, whether in speech or writing: an important factor in successfully presenting research to persons outside one’s own scientific area. There was great interest in participating and the subject was a compelling one, to judge from the number of raised hands during the discussion part of the lecture.

– The first event of the newly started doctoral student network was a great success. Linda Söderlindh’s talk was really interesting and inspiring which led to informative discussions that the research students clearly appreciated. The webinar was well visited and it was most interesting to learn of the areas within which the doctoral students were active,” says Helena Malmqvist, Research Manager at Jernkontoret and one of the project managers for the Steel Academy.

In March the Steel Academy will continue along its chosen path by inviting the doctoral student network to two events, as follows:

The network is open to doctoral students with points of contact to iron and steel related research. Its base is the digital communication platform Linkedin, where the newly started network already brings together some 70 members. The idea is that the network shall offer a programme of webinars, study visits, presentations of research and other similar activities.

Does this sound something that you would like to be part of? Or do you know a doctoral student who would be interested in joining the Steel Academy’s doctoral network? Please contact Lotta Sö