New book: Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 Years of Development

During 2022, the project "Pulvermetallurgins utveckling i Sverige – en historisk tillbakablick" (Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 years of Development) drew to a close. Now, on 13th February this year, Jernkontoret’s Historical Metallurgy Group has overseen the launch of the book titled, "Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 Years of Development". 

Welcome to the launch of the new book "Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 Years of Development". It will take place at Jernkontoret on 13th February. 

The new book Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 Years of Develoment has been produced by a research team within the Historical Metallurgy Group. The work has been led by Jan Tengzelius, Höganäs AB, and took four years to take shape.

The book gives an account of the first powder metallurgy trials and experiments in Sweden in the 1920’s and the steps that were subsequently taken, right up to the technology of today. It also shows how entrepreneurship and individual discoveries were groundbreaking for Swedish companies.

Swedish pioneers within the technology have ensured that leadership in this field has been maintained. This means that Sweden, as a nation of high technical standards, today enjoys a globally high reputation. The industrialisation of techniques for advanced metal powder products has come a long way and Swedish companies hold a strong position in global terms within the PM area.

The book is in English and is a compilation of almost 70 authors, with long and extensive experience of all aspects of powder metallurgy. It covers, in detail, everything to do with the subject ranging from hard metals, sintered structural components, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) of metal powders, diamond tools and the newly emerging branch within the sector, namely AM (Additive Manufacturing).

The book is available to order on Jernkontoret’s website:

Powder Metallurgy in Sweden – 100 Years of Development


More about the book:

Within Jernkontoret’s Historical Metallurgy Group, a special steering group – active until 2022 – was set up whose purpose was the documentation of technical developments from 1850 until today. It worked for the development of knowledge and documentation relating to technical advances in steel and associated industries, where powder metallurgy was an important part. Against this background, in 2018, a project was started that today has culminated in a book on the history of Swedish powder metallurgy during 100 years. The book is no. 52 of Jernkontoret’s Historical Metallurgy publication series.