Conditions of use

It is free to download and use the images in Jernkontoret's picture collection. However, the following must be respected:

The images may not be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

The images may be cropped but not distorted or used contrary to good practice.

The images may not be distorted or resold. Image rights belong to Jernkontoret and/or the respective photographer/artist.

When using an image the source shall be disclosed i.e. the name of the photographer/artist and Jernkontoret. The year must also be stated.

Below are a couple of examples of attribution for this image:


Example 1:
Photo: Pia and Hans Nordlander (2015), Jernkontoret's Picture Collection.

Example 2:
Photograph by Pia and Hans Nordlander (2015), source: Jernkontoret.


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