Climate roadmap for Swedish steel industry

The Swedish steel industry has a climate roadmap for a fossil-free and competitive steel industry in Sweden in 2045.

The Swedish steel industry intends to make a difference for the global climate. Already, Swedish steel products have an internationally low climate footprint and create climate benefit during use. To achieve Sweden’s aim to become one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare nations will require commitment from all stakeholders, and greater cooperation between the political arena and industry.

In view of this, Jernkontoret, together with representatives of the steel industry, have during one year been working to set a climate roadmap for the Swedish steel industry. This work included mapping of emissions and several workshops with experts from different parts of society to identify possible solutions. The steel industry has also been collaborating with the initiative Fossil Free Sweden.

The roadmap was handed over to the Swedish government in March 2018. It is written in Swedish and can be ordered or downloaded here.

A summary of the climate roadmap is available in English:
Summary: Climate roadmap. For a fossil-free and competitive steel industry in Sweden (pdf, 0,3 Mb, 8 pages).