Metallurgy Summer School

Welcome to attend the Metallurgy Summer School on Surface Engineering of Metals organized by CoMET. The event takes place in Italy and focused on the treatments of metals which modify their surface characteristics to meet the specific needs of different industrial applications.


24-27 July, 2022


  • Bertinoro (FC) Italy

The scope of the school is to provide a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, processing and characterization techniques, as well as experimental and numerical approaches to the involved problems. It is organized in lectures on both heoretical aspects and applications, and the attendees will be involved in the analysis of case studies under tutor guidance.

The program proceeds from basic concepts to applications. An introductory section is devoted to the solid-state diffusion and the solution of related problems, through analytical and numerical approaches. The experimental techniques most ommonly used for investigating the structural and chemical surface properties, will be then illustrated with a selection of representative practical examples. The lectures of the second day will describe and discuss the design criteria, strategies and lassification of surface treatments for structural and functional applications, with particular attention to the techniques for manufacturing engineered surfaces from vapour and liquid phase. In conclusion, the program will focus on specific pplications, regarding current scientific and technological challenges: batteries and fuel cells, functionalization, corrosion and protection of metal surfaces in automotive, aerospace and medical fields. The school is mainly addressed to PhD students f engineering, materials science, physics and chemistry but post-docs and master students are also welcome.

Further information about the Metallurgy Summer School can be found here.

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