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National action for metallic materials, 2013

The Swedish Steel Producers’ Association (Jernkontoret), Swedish Aluminium and Swedish Foundry Association

A strategic research and innovation agenda.

April 2013. 32 p.

Also availabe in Swedish.

National action for metallic materialsSummary

For the first time ever, the Swedish metal industry has developed a common, strategic agenda for research and innovation. Its objective is to enable the industry to prosper from opportunities identified in the global market.

The strategy takes its basis in the well established industry strategy to identify and explore strategic market niches, while aiming at exploring the rising demands for sustainable solutions in key areas such as transportation, energy exploration and generation, construction, and selected metalworking and manufacturing markets.

The development efforts are aimed at developing and improving business models to better explore and develop new customer values, working the value chain to understand its key challenges and opportunities, increase the speed and precision in materials development, improve flexibility to better meet rapidly changing business conditions,
improve resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact and increase attractiveness to new and develop existing talent.

The vision is that Swedish metal industry is a well known and important enabler in the societal strives for a better future. This means its customer offers are on the leading edge technologically, economically and environmentally, and are developed by competent,
motivated and innovative people. At the same time, the industry’s environmental footprint is the smallest possible.