Companies and plants

Iron and steel is produced at 14 plants in Sweden. In addition to these, there are plants for the processing of steel. For historical reasons, the majority of the steelworks are found in Bergslagen. 

Iron and steel are produced at 14 plants in Sweden, as follows:

  • Järn- och stålverk i Sverige (Google Maps)

    Ten scrap-based steel production plants, marked blue on the map.

  • Two integrated iron and steel production plants, marked red on the map.

  • One ore-based direct reduction plant, marked yellow on the map.

Map: Iron and steel producers in Sweden (Google Maps)

In addition to the aforementioned production plants, there are about fifteen plants for the processing of steel, e.g. rolling mills, forging plants, wire-drawing plants and pipe and tube mills. 

List of Jernkontoret’s co-owners and stakeholders

In the pdf files below, we have brought together concise information on production plants, ownership structure, number of employees, metallurgical equipment and principal products.

Co-owners and stakeholders of Jernkontoret (pdf)