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Recommendations for a 10-point strategic action plan for the steel industry’s vision #societalvalue

Jernkontoret and Stockholm Environment Institute

Project report to Hugo Carlsson stiftelse
Final report in the project "Swedish steel industry for increased social value creation” (Svensk stålindustri för ökad samhällsnytta)
April 2016, 17 p.

Since the start of 2015, the steel industry has worked on a joint project with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI),  Social value creation in Swedish steel industry

"Proposals for strategic action in ten points for realisation of the vision #societalvalue"

Proposed strategic action points for achieving the Swedish steel industry's 2050 vision

The report is written by Karl Hallding, Nina Weitz, Kristian Skånberg, Henrik Carlsen, and Peter Repinski, SEI. Eva Blixt, Gert Nilson, Peter Samuelsson and Per Engdahl, Jernkontoret. Participants in workshops and other working groups within the project have contributed with input to the report.