TO 45 Analytical chemistry

Jernkontoret's technical area 45, Analytical chemistry, is intended for companies and institutes interested in analytical chemistry research in relation to steel production and steel applications, as well as non-ferrous metals. In practice, however, the collaboration takes place wholly within the framework of the Management group for analytical chemistry.

Management group for analytical chemistry, LG 45

To rationalise activities and to avoid duplication of work, joint research collaboration within analytical chemistry has taken place, since the early 1990’s, wholly within the framework of the "Management group for analytical chemistry within the Nordic iron, steel and metal industries". This collaboration involves the participation of the following governing and advisory bodies:

  • Jernkontoret, Technical area 45, Analytical Chemistry
  • Swerim AB, MRC Process analytical monitoring
  • SIS, Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS TK 122

The formal, legal independence of the parent organisations above is retained and they function, as before, on the basis of their own rules and preconditions. At the same time, the practical work is planned and discussed at joint meetings.

The management group consists of representatives of those companies who are members of these organisations. The management group holds an annual meeting, but extra meetings may be arranged as and when required. For the handling of day-to-day matters, however, the management group has appointed a committee.

The technical area is divided into four committees of experts

Research activities are carried out within the framework of four committees of experts (EK):

The general discussions in the different bodies are open to all members. However, project prioritisation and selection as well as information about – and access to – results are normally reserved to the participants in the parent organisation that funds the particular project.

Committee Chairperson

Helena Ekström, SSAB Europe, Borlänge

Research Manager 

Jonas Gurell, Jernkontoret

Member companies

Alleima AB, Sandviken
Degerfors Laboratorium AB, Degerfors 
Erasteel Kloster, Söderfors
Höganäs Sweden AB, Höganäs
LKAB, Malmberget
Outokumpu Stainless, Avesta
SSAB Europe, Borlänge
SSAB Europe, Luleå
SSAB Special Steels, Oxelösund
SSAB Europe Oy, Brahestad
Uddeholms AB, Hagfors
Vargön Alloys AB, Vargön

Co-opted members

SIS, Swedish Institute for Standards, Stockholm
Swerim AB, Kista

Purpose and general orientation 

  • Covers problems and tasks that relate to knowledge, experience and standardisation within analytical chemistry or with analytical relevance, including sampling and sample preparation for the benefit of the Nordic steel and metal industries.
  • Collaboration takes place in respect of production, process and product development with the goal of keeping one step ahead of existing requirements where analytical questions are concerned.
  • Experience-sharing with national and international organisations and institutions is stimulated.

How can one become a member?

For membership, please contact the respective parent organisation:

Jonas Gurell, Jernkontoret
tel + 46 8 679 17 10

Tania Irebo Schwartz, Swerim AB
tel +46 8 440 48 20

Katarina Timåker, SIS, Swedish Institute for Standards
tel +46 8 555 521 05