Degree projects, placements, summer jobs and traineeships

The steel industry is constantly seeking new employees who can contribute new ideas. Consequently, the steel industry encourages pupils and students to seek degree projects, summer jobs and placements in a steel company.

Photogapher: Erik Cronberg, Tekniksprånget 

Degree projects

Degree programmes and courses in materials engineering benefit from close collaboration with the steel industry in Sweden. At the end of the degree programme, the students prepare a degree project or academic paper where they apply their knowledge in practice, often at a company. The work is a unique project which is jointly planned by the student, company or organisation and the supervisor at the university.

Placements and summer jobs

Several steel companies offer students and high school students placements and summer jobs. There may, for example, be a demand for temporary stand-ins within production, maintenance and freight transport.

Companies may, on occasion, give priority to applicants who have completed their high school education with some specialisation in fields related to engineering or manufacturing. It is also essential that you have a genuine interest in the steel industry.


Quite a few companies within the steel industry offer traineeships. During the period of the traineeship, practice is alternated with theory. The trainee is enabled to work on different tasks within the company in order to learn about activities from the ground up and to facilitate the building of networks within the company.

Sweden’s steel companies also participate in Technology Leap (Tekniksprånget). This is an internship programme for young people who wish to try out life as an engineer, a chance to be a junior trainee.

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