FB 23080 Refractory materials

A research block (FB) within Jernkontoret’s technical area 23, Metallurgy

Committee Chairperson

Karin Steneholm, Uddeholms AB 

Vice chairperson

Daniel Sjöholm, AB Sandvik Materials Technology

Research Manager

Robert Vikman, Jernkontoret

Member companies

Bet-Ker Oy, Ylivieska
Calderys Nordic AB, Köping
Höganäs Sweden AB, Halmstadsverken, Halmstad
RHI Refractories Nord AB, Stocksund
AB Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandviken
SSAB Europe AB, Luleå
SSAB Europe Oy, Brahestad
SSAB Special Steels, Oxelösund
Uddeholms AB, Hagfors
Vesuvius Scandinavia AB, Luleå
Adjungerade institut och högskolor
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm
Swerim AB, Luleå

Purpose and general orientation

The research block here monitors and carries out research within the area of refractory materials for steel production (blast furnaces, electric arc furnaces, converters ladles and tundishes).

  • Safety
  • Steel quality
  • Economy in refractory materials
  • Sustainability

Training package for advanced ceramics

Within the research block Refractory materials, an extensive training package has been developed, designated report D 830. The report is available free of charge for member companies within technical area TO 23. It is only available in Swedish and Finnish. Please contact the Research Manager if you, as a member, wish to have a copy.

Others can order the report here.