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Iron and the transformation of society. Reflexion of Viking Age metallurgy

Ed.: Catarina Karlsson and Gert Magnusson

2020. Inbunden. 222 s. Ill.
Jernkontorets bergshistoriska skriftserie nr 51.

Pris (SEK): 225:-

The Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages have been considered the period when Scandinavian people emerged on the global stage. The Scandinavians and their raids from this era are often portrayed as violent and brutal. They are less known for the development of the production of iron which in turn led to the process of creating preconditions for the building of societies, where people interacted and collaborated and formed the future together. This meant new opportunities for agriculture and architecture, but also for weaponry needs. A new society was shaped by steel.


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Föreläsningsserie om vikingatida järn

Under våren 2021 arrangerade Jernkontorets bergshistoriska utskott en digital föreläsningsserie där de fem författarna till boken Iron and the transformation of society. Reflexion of Viking Age metallurgy  presenterade sina respektive kapitel. Entimmesföreläsningarna spelades in och kan ses i efterhand på Jernkontorets webbplats.