Frequently asked questions

Här är några vanliga frågor samlade rörande Jernkontorets bibliotek och boksamlingar.

Is it possible to borrow books from Jernkontoret’s library?

Jernkontoret’s library is a private library for Jernkontoret and its members. The library therefore only lends to persons who participate in Jernkontoret’s activities or its committees. On the other hand, anyone is able to visit the library in order to study the literature. 

Is it still possible to purchase Jernkontoret’s Corrosion tables for stainless steel?

Corrosion tables for stainless steel was published in 1977 both in Swedish, English and Finnish. All these editions are sold out, but a new edition has been published in English jointly by Sandvik Steel and Avesta, now Sandvik Materials Technology and Outokumpu Stainless: Corrosion Tables. Stainless Steels. This can be ordered from the respective company.

For further information:
Sandvik Materials Technology, Corrosion Tables
Outokumpu Stainless, Corrosion Tables and Charts

Where can I obtain information on a particular standard designation for steel?

Jernkontoret’s library has only certain general catalogues on Swedish and foreign steel designations. For uncommon designations it is better to contact SIS, Swedish Standards Institute that via its subsidiary, SIS Förlag AB sells both Swedish and foreign standards.
For further information, see Swedish standard institute (

Where can I get hold of Jernkontoret’s map of slag inclusions?

Jernkontoret’s map of slag inclusions is now a standard in the SIS series: SIS 11 11 11. It can be ordered from SIS Förlag AB.
For further information, see Swedish standard institute (

Where are the archives of the iron- and steelworks?

There is no central body for the archives of the ironworks and their communities. Indeed, the records of the ironworks have suffered a variety of different fates. Some have quite simply been thrown away or burned up following the closure of a particular iron- or steelworks. Where the works has been bought up by some other company then the archive has normally followed to the new company. It is for this reason many archives have found their way e.g. to Nordstjernan’s central archive in Ängelsberg. More recently archival organisations have been formed which store company archives within the different Swedish counties. Examples of these are as follows:

What is the difference between the Swedish Board of Mines and Jernkontoret?

Bergskollegium (Swedish Board of Mines) was formed in 1630 as a largely autonomous, central department of the state. It was dissolved in 1857 when its role of exercising supervision of the Swedish mining industry was taken over by Kommerskollegium (Swedish Board of Commerce). Bergskollegium’s archive is now to be found at riksarkivet (National Archives).
For further information, see the website for the National Archives (

On the other hand, Jernkontoret was established during the 1740’s as an association of the owners of the ironworks, ‘Society of Ironmasters’, in order to support the Swedish exports of bar iron with the aid of loans and credits.
In many instances, Bergskollegium and Jernkontoret co-operated to support and improve the Swedish mining and metallurgical industry e.g. by way of the Supervisory Bureau for Blast Furnaces and through foreign travel to study these industries in other countries.

What does Jernkontoret’s archive contain on different ironworks?

Jernkontoret’s own administrative archive includes nothing on the activities of the different works and their communities. It mainly comprises minutes from Jernkontoret’s council (board), correspondence and various documents on loans.

Where is Jernkontoret’s archive of older material?

Jernkontoret’s archive up to 1928 is deposited at riksarkivet (National Archives). What remains at Jernkontoret are the accounts of the blast furnace supervisors 1752–85 and the typed-out diaries of Reinhold Angerstein from his foreign travels 1749–1755.

Where can I purchase earlier year’s issues of Jernkontoret’s Annaler?

The earlier year’s issues of Jernkontoret’s Annaler are sold out and the only way of getting hold of them is by way of some antiquarian bookseller. Antiquarian bookshops in Bergslagen are most likely to have the publication.